I cherish these things when I travel

At DAIJI-OUTDOOR, we affectionately refer to all participants as " Yujin" .
Yujin means a friend and a person who enjoys nature, history, and the region.

In the DAIJI-OUTDOOR tour, we take care of each player's physical strength, cherish what they want to do, and take care of each tour so that they can enjoy themselves with peace of mind.

we are people like this

We were born and raised in Tokyo.

I felt a sense of incongruity with living in the city, and from my experience of spending a lot of time in the countryside, I came to feel the richness of living in the countryside. Discomfort means that you don't feel like you're living on your own. An environment where similar shops are lined up and you can get anything you want if you pay. I don't know the background. For me, a rich life is different from being convenient or financially wealthy. Feeling nature, feeling the warmth of people, and living each day with care.

Nagawa is such a place

This area is over 1000m above sea level, away from convenient urban areas. It takes about 40 minutes to the nearest convenience store and supermarket.
Kamikochi, Norikura Kogen and Shirahone Onsen are nearby. Although the environment is similar, there are few conspicuous tourist facilities and it is a very plain place. The winter is severely cold, with temperatures as low as -15°C. The four seasons that Nagawa interweaves are harsh but beautiful.

Residents of the Nagawa area enjoy Nagawa and enjoy the blessings of nature throughout the four seasons.

I would be happy if everyone could feel the fun of Nagawa even a little through our tour!

The harsh nature of Nagawa teaches us what we live for.

In spring
, the warmth of the stove
makes me happy to reconnect with the soil,
I can hear the sound of the river loudly,
my eyes are happy with the color of green, and
my heart dances when I eat the blessings of the
. start preparing for

In the summer
, feel the cool water on your skin,
feel the cool breeze of the plateau,
enjoy the comfort of the shade,
feel the sunshine that you feel close to you, hear
the sound of the big river, and
appreciate the blessings of the fields. and
feel the life force in the grass growing in large numbers.

Feeling impatient and moved by the changing colors of the trees in the blink of an eye in autumn, reluctant
to say goodbye to the warm wind,
the bounty of the fields giving us food for the winter, and
the warmth of the wood-burning stove again.

The silence and darkness Play with
the twinkling stars
and snow, sometimes feel the cold enough to hate
fighting . In that environment, as long as you have a warm room and food, everything is happy! thank you! It gives you that feeling unconditionally.

The feeling of being alive becomes joy and overflows. When I feel what keeps me alive, I feel a sense of gratitude. It's not flashy at all, but that sure feeling of joy and gratitude certainly enriches our hearts. By visiting Nagawa and meeting us, if you can feel even a little bit of that kind of joy, your daily life after returning from Nagawa will become more colorful, and this world will shine even brighter. Well then. I think.

Kenji Sekiya

Born and raised in Tokyo,
I’ve been into traveling since my school days.
After traveling, I realized the joy of living and is currently enjoying life in Nagawa.
I want to tell people what I think is good.
Also, if someone is happy with it, I feel it too.
I would love to share with you the life and joys of this beautiful mountainous area! !

~Travel History~
In my teens, I hitchhiked in the around Tokyo, traveled on a normal bicycle, and traveled from Thailand to Cambodia.
In my twenties, I traveled to Australia for two years. After returning to Japan, traveled to Hokkaido, Okinawa, Kyushu, and Shikoku (Pilgrimage).
In my thirties, I worked as an outdoor guide in Gifu and Nagano prefectures.
Now in my 40s, I and my family launched ”Daijiya” in Nagawa, Matsumoto City. Life's journey continues~


Born and raised in Tokyo. In charge of fields, chickens, and SNS.
I'm a mother of three children who are in the middle of raising children.

I would like to send out the ingenuity of people's lives that can only be found here, and the beautiful life in harmony with nature!