Wild vegetable foraging in the ‘Northern Alps Area’ near ‘Matsumoto’ and 'Kamikochi’♪
Let’s explore and gather seasonal flavors♪

“I’m curious, but I haven’t done it before, and I don’t really understand what I need to prepare…” We often hear this kind of voice.

So, what’s next?

In this tour, you’ll receive clear explanations, including illustrations, about the following aspects of seasonal mountain vegetables

・Freshness of the Day: Learn which wild vegetables are in season.
・Habitat Characteristics: Understand where these vegetables grow.
・Identification: Discover how to recognize different types of wild plants.
・Harvesting Techniques: Learn how to collect them properly.
・Local Culinary Traditions: Explore how locals prepare and enjoy these delicacies.
・Mountain Safety and Attire: Get tips on staying safe during your foraging adventure.
・Nutritional Benefits: Did you know that mountain vegetables are not only delicious but also great for your health and beauty?

By the end of the tour, you’ll likely have gained substantial knowledge and experience about the wild vegetables you encounter that day! Enjoy your exploration!

<Recommended for the Following People on This Tour>
・Curious Beginners: If you don’t know much about foraging but want to try collecting wild vegetables yourself!
・Deeper Food Understanding: Eating the wild vegetables you’ve harvested enhances your understanding of food.
・Self-Sufficiency Experience: Get a taste of a self-sufficient lifestyle and raise awareness of sustainable living.
・Convenient Setup: With transportation provided and all necessary tools available, no special preparations are required!"

(Note: This experience is a plan for searching wild mountain vegetables, so it does not guarantee a harvest. Please understand and agree when participating. Also, the occurrence period varies each year. If we determine that the harvest will be limited on your desired participation date, we will contact you for consultation.)



Held timeLate April to mid-June (Varies depending on the natural environment. Please contact us for local information.)
meeting placePlease let us know your preferred meeting/dismissal point from ”Matsumoto city area”, ”Sawando (Kamikochi area)”, ”Norikura Kogen”, or” NAGAWA”.
tour time8:30~16:00(7.5H)
Participation target age4 years old and over
Participation fee per person1 person / 18,000yen
Minimum number of participants2 people ~ (You can apply from 1 person)

■ What is included in the tour fee
・Guide Fee
・Wild Vegetable Dish (approximately one bowl; note that availability depends on the day’s harvest)
・Onigiri Bento (rice ball lunch; please inform us in advance if you have any food allergies)
・Transportation (between Matsumoto city center and the tour location)
・Rental Equipment (boots, gloves, sickle, cutter, rainwear)
・Accident Insurance Fee
・Photo Data taken during the tour

■ Recommended items for the tour

・Comfortable Clothing: Wear attire suitable for mountain walking.
・Beverages: Stay hydrated during your adventure.
・Snacks: Pack some energy-boosting snacks.
・Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the sun.
・Hat (with a brim): Shield yourself from direct sunlight.
Note: If your clothing or items are insufficient, for safety reasons, we may need to decline your participation. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us. Enjoy your tour!

■ Regarding Tour Cancellation

Local decisions prioritize safety, so please understand in advance. If adverse weather conditions or other factors necessitate cancellation, we will notify you by the day before.

■ Precautions for participation

If you fall under any of the following items, you cannot participate in the tour. Please note.

1. Those who are not feeling well on the day of the event
2. Pregnant women
3 . Under the influence of alcohol or having a severe hangover during the tour

In addition, in some cases, such as serious chronic illness or disability, we may refuse to participate, but please understand that it is a decision from safety first. If you have any concerns, please contact us in advance.